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Missouri, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (Hucke), Mary A.  Aug 1846Missouri, United States I846
2 (Hucke), Maude  9 Apr 1895Missouri, United States I480
3 Brady, Edward M  Abt 1885Missouri, United States I1449
4 Brady, unknown male  Abt 1860Missouri, United States I1448
5 Campbell, K.   I1207
6 Carotto, George  Abt 1905Missouri, United States I1256
7 Carotto, Margaritta  Abt 1907Missouri, United States I1257
8 Carroll, Cecil  9 Jun 1891Missouri, United States I313
9 Carroll, Dennis  Bef 1871Missouri, United States I314
10 Cotton, Courtney Hucke  24 Jul 1892Missouri, United States I489
11 Duroso, George Carl  14 Apr 1924Missouri, United States I1265
12 Duroso, James Nicholas  23 Oct 1921Missouri, United States I1264
13 Duroso, John Thomas Jr  16 Sep 1917Missouri, United States I1263
14 Duroso, Linda Susan  13 Sep 1951Missouri, United States I1269
15 Duroso, Martin L.  8 Feb 1915Missouri, United States I1262
16 Etling, Roberta  24 Jun 1922Missouri, United States I1337
17 Giovanoni, Emily  10 Apr 1868Missouri, United States I291
18 Hannigan, Mary A.  1871Missouri, United States I1436
19 Heaton, E.E.   I1535
20 Holley, R.G.   I1214
21 Hucke, Anna  10 Jan 1872Missouri, United States I519
22 Hucke, B.S.   I66
23 Hucke, Caleb Robert  22 Jan 2018Missouri, United States 2
24 Hucke, Carl J. Jr.  23 Apr 1924Missouri, United States I470
25 Hucke, C.L.   I497
26 Hucke, Catherine B  ca 1896Missouri, United States I469
27 Hucke, Charlotte  ca 1916Missouri, United States I421
28 Hucke, Clarence P.  6 Feb 1890Missouri, United States I501
29 Hucke, Ellen  1870Missouri, United States I518
30 Hucke, Ellie  15 May 2016Missouri, United States I1650
31 Hucke, Emma  ca 1866Missouri, United States I516
32 Hucke, Frances A  ca 1893Missouri, United States I467
33 Hucke, George J.  1 Jun 1914Missouri, United States I481
34 Hucke, George Victor  9 Mar 1887Missouri, United States I493
35 Hucke, Harold Ernest  19 Apr 1892Missouri, United States I494
36 Hucke, Henry John Jr.  19 Jul 1874Missouri, United States I520
37 Hucke, Herman  ca 1871/2Missouri, United States I492
38 Hucke, Mia  15 May 2016Missouri, United States I1649
39 Hucke, R.J.   I498
40 Hucke, R.H.   I508
41 Hucke, S.M.   I67
42 Hucke, William P.  ca 1867Missouri, United States I490
43 Jacobi, Lester C.  23 Aug 1924Missouri, United States I334
44 Jacobi, Melvin A  4 Apr 1926Missouri, United States I335
45 Kihnlein, Michael J.  ca 1882Missouri, United States I542
46 Landers, Catherine Berenice  21 Aug 1899Missouri, United States I1440
47 Landers, Elizabeth  1895Missouri, United States I1438
48 Landers, Leah  May 1896Missouri, United States I1439
49 Marcella, Angelina  Jan 1897Missouri, United States I1254
50 Marcella, female  Apr 1890Missouri, United States I1251

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (O'Shea), Cheryl A.  5 Mar 1978Missouri, United States I122
2 Dexter, Laura Marie  9 May 1971Missouri, United States I263
3 Duroso, George Carl  22 Jan 1994Missouri, United States I1265
4 Duroso, James Nicholas  5 Sep 1992Missouri, United States I1264
5 Duroso, John Thomas Sr.  9 Sep 1963Missouri, United States I1259
6 Duroso, John Thomas Jr  16 Jun 1977Missouri, United States I1263
7 Duroso, Linda Susan  27 Mar 1996Missouri, United States I1269
8 Duroso, Martin L.  16 Dec 1987Missouri, United States I1262
9 Halbert, Marcella J.  28 Apr 2005Missouri, United States I1173
10 Hannigan, Mary A.  Dec 1900Missouri, United States I1436
11 Hucke, Carl J. Jr.  8 May 2006Missouri, United States I470
12 Hucke, Ellie  15 May 2016Missouri, United States I1650
13 Hucke, John Michael  29 May 2003Missouri, United States I559
14 Hucke, Mia  15 May 2016Missouri, United States I1649
15 Hurlburt, Clayton N.  Nov 1985Missouri, United States I1220
16 Hurlburt, Kenneth Clayton  9 Aug 2004Missouri, United States I1221
17 Landers, Catherine Berenice  Jan 1973Missouri, United States I1440
18 Landers, Elizabeth  1957Missouri, United States I1438
19 Marcella, Patrick  14 Sep 1980Missouri, United States I1253
20 Moore, Julia  5 Jul 1912Missouri, United States I262
21 Nogalski, Donna M.  23 Dec 2002Missouri, United States I1178
22 O'Shea, Michael Emmett III  3 Dec 2010Missouri, United States I115
23 O'Shea, William Joseph Jr.  5 Mar 1978Missouri, United States I121
24 Riess, Anne M.  21 Feb 2002Missouri, United States I168
25 Riess, Dorothy L.  6 Jun 2000Missouri, United States I167
26 Rosso, Dominic M.  Nov 1968Missouri, United States I1229
27 Rosso, John A.  Apr 1970Missouri, United States I1228
28 Rosso, Paul William  Apr 1987Missouri, United States I1232
29 Rosso, Thomas Paul  20 Jun 1967Missouri, United States I1237
30 Rosso, Vincent Anthony  Jan 1962Missouri, United States I1230
31 Schumacher, Jessie Adele  18 Feb 1968Missouri, United States I1623


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Riess, Edwin Charles  1955Missouri, United States I163
2 Rosso, Anthony Denato  1922Missouri, United States I253
3 Rosso, Anthony Denato  Bef 1956Missouri, United States I253


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    SSN    Person ID 
1 Riess, Fredrick William Jr.  Bef 1951Missouri, United States I6


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hucke / Caudle   F526
2 Hucke / Kennelley  7 May 1917Missouri, United States F177
3 Hucke / Muehlbach  24 Jun 1885Missouri, United States F170
4 Hucke / Williams  Aug 1943Missouri, United States F165


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Hucke / Caudle   F526