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Rosso family photos

These photos are from the collection of Marie Rosso Hucke, later preserved by Leon Hucke. They were not labeled. We believe they are of the Rosso family - Marie, her brothers and sisters, and parents, yet have not made positive identification.
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Parents of Michael O'Shea

Who were the father and mother of Michael O'Shea I (b. 1888)? Sue (Riess) Hucke knows with certainity that her grandfather was born in Ireland - and census records back this up. There are some O'Shea's (James and Catherine, b. about 1860) buried next to the Riess plot in Calvary - but the lot number is different, and they don't appear to be any relation at all. Unfortunately, Michael O'Shea is a very common Irish name, and there are far too many to search.
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 Mystery Photos

Unknown Hucke Wedding, ca. 1910

From the collection of Leon Hucke, inherited from Albert Hucke and Marie Rosso; unidentified couple, unknown year. The pose, and the style of the woman's dress, are very similar to the wedding photo of Frank and Helena Hucke (1908), indicating this was likely taken within a few years of that date. The man bears a slight resemblance to the drawing of Louis Hucke. Could this be another of his sons? If you have any information about this photo, please contact the site owner.
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