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Illinois, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (Hucke), Anna  Abt 1899Illinois, United States I830
2 (Hucke), Margaret  Dec 1860Illinois, United States I964
3 (Louvier), Ann  12 Mar 1911Illinois, United States I1540
4 (Schoenborn), Elizabeth  Mar 1874Illinois, United States I1596
5 (Stegman), Erna  Abt 1900Illinois, United States I1199
6 Baechle, Melvin J.  19 Feb 1924Illinois, United States I355
7 Bishop, Dorothy  24 May 1922Illinois, United States I1620
8 Biver, Anna K  6 Jul 1888Illinois, United States I174
9 Biver, Edward John  24 Aug 1885Illinois, United States I1546
10 Biver, Frank  18 Aug 1892Illinois, United States I1548
11 Biver, John  May 1887Illinois, United States I1547
12 Biver, M.F.V. SSND   I1558
13 Biver, Walter  May 1894Illinois, United States I1549
14 Concannon, Audrey  Feb 1895Illinois, United States I533
15 Concannon, Catherine  Jan 1891Illinois, United States I540
16 Concannon, Mary  Sep 1882Illinois, United States I184
17 Concannon, Sadie F.  Nov 1883Illinois, United States I539
18 Dunn, Myrtle M.  9 May 1898Illinois, United States I1302
19 Edinger, Elizabeth  31 Jul 1853Illinois, United States I1545
20 Emge, Ralph Jr.  7 Sep 1923Illinois, United States I1303
21 Hannah, Marshall Chester  1891Illinois, United States I567
22 Hausmann, Anthony Peter  6 Jul 1915Illinois, United States I179
23 Havertine, Dorothy M.  27 Mar 1926Illinois, United States I546
24 Havertine, Kathleen Virginia  ca 1920-1Illinois, United States I545
25 Hellmer, Elizabeth  13 Nov 1867Illinois, United States I536
26 Hucke, Albert G.  27 Aug 1868Illinois, United States I237
27 Hucke, Alma Katherine  23 Jan 1894Illinois, United States I569
28 Hucke, August M.  18 Dec 1868Illinois, United States I517
29 Hucke, Bertha  19 Sep 1882Illinois, United States I101
30 Hucke, Charles  3 Jul 1864Illinois, United States I95
31 Hucke, Charles C.  Abt 1868Illinois, United States I882
32 Hucke, Edwin F.  7 Dec 1921Illinois, United States I823
33 Hucke, Erma E.  Nov 1898Illinois, United States I570
34 Hucke, Jeannine  Abt 1929Illinois, United States I832
35 Hucke, John Joseph  25 Jan 1875Illinois, United States I98
36 Hucke, K.M.   I1536
37 Hucke, Katie E.  ca 1880Illinois, United States I530
38 Hucke, Laurina L.  Abt 1907Illinois, United States I662
39 Hucke, Louise  Abt 1871Illinois, United States I881
40 Hucke, Margarethe Elisabeth  19 Nov 1877Illinois, United States I99
41 Hucke, Mary  Abt 1916Illinois, United States I831
42 Hucke, Onieta E.  Abt 1903Illinois, United States I661
43 Hucke, Peter  31 Aug 1884Illinois, United States I102
44 Jacobi, Albin Ferdinand  22 Feb 1896Illinois, United States I534
45 Jacobi, Catherine S.  ca 1918-9Illinois, United States I551
46 Jacobi, Cecilia  Jun 1897Illinois, United States I538
47 Jacobi, Helen M.  20 Feb 1867Illinois, United States I181
48 Jacobi, Irene R.  1901Illinois, United States I535
49 Jacobi, Irma Elizabeth  14 Oct 1912Illinois, United States I178
50 Jacobi, Jacob  1857Illinois, United States I339

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Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (Petri), Margaret  30 Dec 1892Illinois, United States I556
2 Beckerle, Elmer  1984Illinois, United States I1345
3 Biver, Edward John  Dec 1964Illinois, United States I1546
4 Biver, Frank  23 Feb 1974Illinois, United States I1548
5 Easterly, Michael Leslie  30 Jul 2014Illinois, United States I87
6 Emge, Ralph Ferdinand  Nov 1969Illinois, United States I1301
7 Etling, Roberta  2 Jun 1987Illinois, United States I1337
8 Havertine, Kathleen Virginia  21 Apr 2002Illinois, United States I545
9 Jacobi, Albin Ferdinand  Aug 1978Illinois, United States I534
10 Jacobi, Irene R.  1983Illinois, United States I535
11 Jacobi, Irma Elizabeth  2 Feb 1995Illinois, United States I178
12 Jacobi, Johanna  1960Illinois, United States I537
13 Kaiser, Edward W.  18 Oct 1983Illinois, United States I1343
14 Karban, Mathilda Marie  18 Jan 1991Illinois, United States I1589
15 Loesch, Henry  Bef 1910Illinois, United States I46
16 Loyet, Frances Dora  22 Jun 1985Illinois, United States I1557
17 Orlet, Clemence A.  9 May 2015Illinois, United States I1591
18 Petri, Lorenz  11 Jun 1872Illinois, United States I1347
19 Petri, Phillip  13 Jun 1873Illinois, United States I1354
20 Rau, Helen  11 Dec 2009Illinois, United States I458
21 Rau, Peter Paul Jr.  Jul 1964Illinois, United States I198
22 Reichert, Kathryn  9 Jul 1970Illinois, United States I1146
23 Roos, Martin  1942Illinois, United States I386
24 Speichinger, R.H.   I1564
25 Vogt, Lorenze  1937Illinois, United States I426
26 Welsch, Collette  4 Apr 2003Illinois, United States I1138
27 Wendeling, Clara  25 Feb 1881Illinois, United States I1339